I have a passion for cats; yet I’m allergic to them. However, if I got to pick a pet; it would be a dog; a sweet white-ish dog that loves to hang out around me and sleep in my arms. I think about everything I do multiple times; yet I tend to do the stupidest things sometimes. I love music, especially the Top 40 kind of music; and I have the full discography of Madonna, Fairouz and Michael Jackson; although I don’t play them that much. I enjoy eating the same thing everyday until I get tired of it and look for a new addiction. I have an addictive personality; I get addicted to things, games, people, activities and anything you can think of. I love to swim but I’m afraid of drawing; I enjoy watching Tennis because usually the players are really hot (I love the upper body muscles, especially that of the chest, which are the most developed muscles in the Tennis player’s body).

Adele’s Turning Tables is the most played song on my iPod touch, which I jailbreaked two weeks ago although I have had it for over three years now; my favorite singer is Dido; and I think that my favorite song of all time changes according to the season; in Summer, I love Dido’s Sand in My Shoes; in winter; I enjoy Jazz music. I watch the movie Big Fish at least twice a year; and I watch the movie Nightmare Before Christmas every Halloween. I think that Tim Burton is the greatest person you’d ever meet in your life. I listen to the song Baby, It’s Cold Outside many times around Christmas. I’ve attended a number of Halloween parties; once I dressed as Batman’s Joker; once as a Danny from the Musical Grease, and in the last Halloween; I dressed as a deck of playing cards. My friends nicknames me multiple names; the latest one is the Knight of Hearts; and it has nothing to do with how many people who loves me but rather the fact that whenever I play cards I always find the Knight of hearts to be my lucky charm.

I got brownish eyes; and my favorite eye color is sea-blue eyes. I’ve never been with a boyfriend that is my type; usually I tend to fall in love with the mind of a man; so, I usually fall in love with people without putting much interest in their body or shape; and I always end up longing to have physical relationship with other people who are more my type.

I got clothes for when it’s hot and clothes to wear when it’s cold yet I always don’t know what to wear when I wake up in the morning. I smoke Kent Blue now; I used to smoke all kind of other brands but lately Kent Blue seems to be my favorite smoke; my favorite alcoholic drinks are the one on the sore side; such as Takila and Mexican beer; I hate Vodka but I find myself always drinking Vodka lately because I can’t find anything else in this city.

I’m cocky usually, and I tend to express myself in a way that people might think that I’m so full of myself; but I know that this is my own silly way to hush and silence the insecurities in me. I tend to over-dramatize things and over think about them; but when I love someone I tend to open the door for them to talk me into doing things; I usually get upset first and yell and shout; yet I always do the right thing later on. My starsign is Gemini and I think that I’m a typical Gemini; but when asked directly if I believe in astrology I usually say that I really don’t.

I had four boyfriends before, and I’m in a relationship at the moment; which means my total number of boyfriends is five; I had one Syrian boyfriend, one Lebanese boyfriend, one Egyptian boyfriend and one Italian boyfriend and my current boyfriend is Syrian. My relationship with him is a monogamous one; but we spoke of opening it up when the urge calls for it; and I’m happy with that arrangement.

I’ve got the concentration of a small child and I’m short on patience; I get bored easily and I tend to multi-task all the time. I have a wounded look and a child-like smile that always gets me what I want. I have a neighbour who likes to knock on my door whenever my friends are around; stand outside turning on a cigarette and never look at myself and order me to lower the music and the voices because he can “hear every word you exchange”. He likes to judge me a lot for having friends over, especially if they are females, and I like to tease him by pretending to be stupid and not understanding his intimidating gestures. I’ve got five best friends, four sisters and a brother. I have a Blackberry (that doesn’t work in Syria), an iPod Touch, a broken-down laptop with dislocated screen and a PlayStation II.

Finally, I’ve got a man in my life who thinks that every post I post here is written about him, so this post is dedicated for you.


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