The Gay Meat Market in Damascus

” These bitches sucking cock and eating ass… then they show up at the buffet and say they’re vegan.”

– Shortbus, 2006

Pseudo-cultural homosexual people tend to call anything and anywhere a group of LGBT people gather looking for a hook up or a party a “Meat Market”. Any gay dating website is a meat market that is totally hated and unwelcome by these pseudo-cultural people (I like the word pseudo, as you can imagine). Yet, these people usually have profiles in it and always ready to use it; although they almost always falsely state that they are using it to scoop the scene and never actually are part of it. Any bar, club or an area where LGBT people gather is considered a “Meat Market” as well; basically, anything that includes fun and sex is considered yet another taboo; even among the homosexual community.

What I find funny is that we are still seeing sex as a taboo; even though we are breaking multiple social and religious taboos by our very own existence; it’s a shame that some LGBT people still think of sex under some of the terms used by the conservative heterosexual society. A Man Whore; a slut and other names are used to point out the gay people who are sexual more active than others.

However, despite my serious refusal of the term “Meat Market”; I  can’t find a better one to describe a famous street in Damascus (that shall stay nameless for this article) where gay people hang out.

My encounters with this distract in Damascus started way early after I moved to the city nine months ago; I would be walking down that street; which is a famous bazaar, and I would notice that my gaydar is really going through the roof; queer people are around me in every direction; two, three and sometimes more people who my gaydar indicates their queerness are standing in groups and shit-talking to each other. Most of them are under the age of 25; and all of them look flashy; they dress like there are going to a club rather than standing around a street and sitting on the steps of small shops in it. I tried to ignore them; but most of the time; I would hear them whisper, as their gaydar did indicate my queerness to them as well, or even try to open up a conversation with me. I still, however, have my ‘don’t pick boys in the streets so you won’t end up with a stolen iPhone and broken teeth’ role.

Couple of months ago; when I started to get to know my current boyfriend; he turned out to be a daily costumer of that area; he goes there, knowing the names (and female nicknames) of every queer boy in that street. I would, out of respect, go to meet him in his natural environment sometimes; and to get to know his friends. However, I did not enjoy much the female nicknames, the dirty-talking and their way of talking to each other like they are women rather than men. I managed to convince my boyfriend that this area is not for us; that we respect them, but we don’t want to mingle with them. However, during this short period of time; I managed to meet a wide scale of very interesting characters.

 Here, let me introduce you:

The femme fatale wannabe: Here he is; standing down the street; wearing God-knows what international branded clothes; all of them are too tight for him; the colors he picks are disturbingly unmatched; however; his hair style is perfectly done; he puts light make up on his face to hide any unwanted detail; his nose is doctor-perfect; and his eyes are surely not green.

He has a female nickname; it is either Julia, Jessica or Britney, he would not accept any Arabic female nickname for himself. He walks in the group saying “Hello Sabaya (Hello girls)” before fake kissing everyone. He says things like “OMFG and Shut Up” yet, he doesn’t know the difference between the letter P and the letter B. When he talks, he demands attention; when he walks, his ass is perfectly rounded in his skin-tight jeans. His type of men are the tough-looking, muscle-building fashion victims; but he likes them with big tools too, you know, “because I need a real man with a real boner between his legs”.

One of them tried once to pick me up, despite the fact that my boyfriend is standing next to me; he ‘demanded’ me like he knew I wouldn’t be able to refuse him; then got extremely offended when I actually did; he pretends now that I’m the one who tried to pick him up and “oh, I refused him and turned him down; who he thinks he is? some sort of God? OMFG!”

The Bisexual fucker: He stands among other Bisexual fuckers; they go together in the street as a group; like they are some sort of wolf pack; they stand there waiting for the women to pass by; they throw jokes and harass them vulgarly; telling the women the different sexual fantasies they are willing to give them; however, by the end of the night; they drive by in their big fat car; and two or three flamboyant boys will get in the car with them and go “for a release.”

I have been told that they always play the top role in any sexual encounter; they don’t kiss the boy, they don’t do soft sex or foreplay, they are waiting for the boy to play his role of sucking them, before they throw him to the bed for a fuck. Well, some gay boys like that.

One of them was walking by me; with big tattoos on his arm (which biceps is the size of my head), he looked me up and down before saying whisperedly, “only if you shave that hair on your body; I’d fuck you all night.” I stopped, turned around and told him, “I don’t sleep with animals, so thank you, but no, thank you.” He was upset and tried to throw some more words towards me but I walked away. A week later, I heard that day that he went with a boy to his apartment; and the boy got him drunk; the bisexual fucker then got really emotional, told the boy that he is a sad and lonely person, then asked the flamboyant boy to fuck him; to which the flamboyant boy agreed delightfully.

The passerby: He comes in his car; usually playing Najwa Karam or Hayfa Wahbi music on the super loud speakers; he is driving and waiting for people to look at him rather the other way around; he enjoys the attention he creates with his car, his music and his looks. Usually, boys consider him hotter the better the car he is driving; and usually, he has a little key chain that has the model of his car hanging from; so even when he is not walking around; people should know that he drives a car.

The feeling of being a passerby is a great feeling, apparently, my boyfriend and I got in the car with our two lesbian friends; he asked to be driven around that same area; he asked for the music to be extremely loud; he picked a song that includes a woman moaning hungrily while saying naughty things like “tease me, please me!” he opens the window and dances outside of the car while the car is moving; people are staring; watching and wondering. I didn’t enjoy the whole experience at all.

The Muscle Mary: There is something about manhood and muscularity that scares homosexual boys in Syria; I mean; the more they feel that their role is passive in the sex; the more they are willing to put time and effort to look muscline; not because they want to; but rather because they don’t want to be seen as bottoms; or as women. That’s why you see lots and lots of muscle Marie in this infamous street; they have big huge muscles all over their bodies; they have triable tattoos on their arms and a beard triple the size of mine. However; they are totally and comfortably bottoms; I don’t see anything wrong with that, really. What I see, however, is that this doesn’t really work on them; other homosexual boys in the street can pick on them and they torture them more with jokes about their role as bottoms.

My problem is not with their role; let them fuck or be fucked as many times they feel like; my problem is simply that we are still considering sex as a taboo; and we are still thinking about homosexual sex like that of the heterosexual one; someone has to be passive, a woman, a weaker side and someone has to be the top, the active, the man and the stronger side. The man-like is celebrated; the woman-like is not.


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  1. Jay Dylan
    Nov 30, 2011 @ 21:21:39

    Nice one bro, i love the idea of the street remaining nameless btw


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