A Recipe for Disaster

Planning a get-together should be a simple task; I mean, you get some drinks, some fruits, maybe some crackers; you call you friends and you invite them to come over. However, given the fact that my life is freaking insane all the time. I don’t get the chance to plan a simple get-together.

So, the whole idea started on Monday, when my two lesbian friends came by my new house for a small house warming gathering; just the six of us; four gay boys and two lesbian girls; of course; to get the girls to my house, I had to pretend to my neighbours that they are my cousins or some shit like that. You know, Easten society and all that. We managed to get in the house and we had a very nice dinner, thankfully cooked by my roommate, then we started chatting.
“I miss spending the night at your house,” Zeus said, while holding her girlfriend Hyra. They used to spend the night at my house as it’s the only place where they can share a bed and spend a romantic night together. “You should come on Thursday,” I pointed out, “I mean, why not? We can get you in early, then enjoy the night. Maybe I can call other friends as well.”

This simple conversation lead to a guestlist that I believed suitable, however, I didn’t expect the following guests who were invited by other people to my house.

1. The Past: Dwain: Dawain is a guy I had a secret fling with a week after I broke up with my ex. We went out, we had multiple conversations, we had some fun; and we lost contact. Invited by my lesbian friends who doesn’t know about our history.

2. The Future: Alaa: a new guy that I met in New Year’s party; I invited him wondering if I can have a fling with. He is a good looking guy that I’m attracted to physically, however, I believe he is a total airhead.

3. The Impossible: Bassem: a guy that I considered a friend, who gave me a phone call yesterday to announce to me his unconditional love; asking me to be his lover forever and ever; he proposed that he will speak when I want him to speak, to look where I want him to look, to leave his family, friends and everyone in the world for me. He explained, in details, how he will make me feel like a king for the rest of my life. He was invited by my roommate, who is one of his best friends. PS: I met Bassem for the first time last week and I only have friendly feelings towards him.

4. The Desire: Someone I have a major crush on; who is in a relationship; who also the love interest of my roommate.

So, four boys and one simple me; I’m honestly thinking of going to spend the night at my father’s house. I’d rather to face my homophopic father than to face these four boys. However, for the sake of your entertainment, I will attend this get-together tonight and keep you posted on the dramatic results. Pray for me.


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  1. bASSEM
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 17:00:45



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