How Do You Know…

My questions continue to grow, yet my answers are always vague and unsatisfying. How do you know that this person is actually really the one for you? How do you know that he doesn’t hold in his arms, under his leather jacket and his manly biceps, another pain? Another hurt? Another story to fill your heart with sorrow and to entertain total strangers with in a new wordpress blog?

I have been wondering about my emotional future for weeks now. Heartbreak seems to be an enough motivation not to get attached, yet again, to another good looking, seemingly peaceful person in the hopes that you’ll finally settle in and fulfill your dreams of not being one and lonely forever. However, here comes the next person who might trigger something inside you; is it your kind, and utterly stupid, heart who believes that there might still be kindness in this dark city stained with blood and war? Is it your longing for what comes with loving someone? Missing them when they’re not around? The long phone calls before you fall asleep? The sweet text messaging? How do you know that you’re honestly falling for this person, rather than falling for what comes with love? The secretive conversations? The stolen kisses? The rush when you see his name ID (usually 7abibi, 7ayati or babe) on your mobile screen or on your Facebook chat? It’s a mess to fall in love in this fast speeding world.


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