Support FRIEND!

Mornin’, how are you all? I hope you’re having a beautiful day. It’s Spring in Damascus and I feel the need to just go to Beirut and enjoy my afternoon in Younis Cafe with loved ones; however, that seems like a far-fitched dream; for now; let me tell you about this email I got.

I posted couple of months ago a short film by director Eliot London; who thankfully is working on projects regarding the LGBT community. True, it’s not in my country of Syria or anywhere near there; but hey, any effort is good effort.

Please read his email; and if you’re in America; and can support him, I encourage you to do so.

Dear (he inserted my real name here, which I guess you all know it, but hey, let’s keep the illusion),

I hope that you are enjoying your Spring. Once again thank you for helping my short film ‘306’ reach over 200,000 views in four months. My previous short ‘The Wedding Dance’ received more than 90.000 views in less than 2 months.

The next chapter is about to start in my (our ) filmmaking. The cross country grassroots fundraising campaign for FRIEND film. FRIEND a narrative film about coming out during a time of cyber bullying. This type of fundraising  will be the first time this has been attempted by a gay producing team. I will be traveling with a camera to 26 cities across the country trying to set up fundraisers and film interviews of gay America.

FRIEND is so important because of the philanthropic meaning to the film. This film is going to be funded by the community and then profits given back at a local level. A gay film that is not about a get rich fast plan. Instead a film that can be remembered for helping support local GSA’s.

It is going to be an adventure and also a challenge going cross country. This is why it is so important for me to reach out to you all. I am looking for members of the LGBT community that are willing to house me for a night as well as help organize a fundraiser in their local communities. In exchange of helping us we would like to involve the individuals in our YouTube blogs as well as a film credit.   This trip is about showcasing the communities and individuals that believe in the message of stopping bullying. We all have a common goal and that is to tell stories and educate our youth. I would be forever grateful for you to post about this journey and see if any of your readers would be interested in letting me into their lives.  Here is the game plan below.

I have also attached an information sheet. I want to personally thank you for your time reading this and helping…  Email:

Thank You Elliot London & Team…

Palm Springs May 19    Lexington KY June 7

Tucson May 20     Louisville  June 8

Santa Fe May 21     Indianapolis June 20

Amarillo May 23     Saint Louis June 21

Lubbock May 24             Chicago June 22

San Antonio May 25    Rockford IL June 23

Austin May 26      Madison June 26

Dallas May 27      Minneapolis June 27

Shreveport May 29     Des Moines June 28

Layfette May 30     Kansas City June 29

Baton Rouge 31

Jackson June 1

Birmingham June 2

Nashville June 3

Knoxville June 4

Cincinnati June 5

So, that’s that for today. Enjoy your morning everyone; it’s beautiful beautiful day (or so I hope)


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