Dreaming of Love

He makes me feel a shallow feeling of happiness that I experienced way too many times before. A traditional expected love that only fulfills bodily needs and short purses of light entertainment. It’s a feeling similar to seeing a person in the street and believing him to be an old friend you didn’t see in a while; you start running after them, waving for them and calling them with dear nicknames you once used before. Then, you put your hand on their shoulder and you figure out your mistake. When you meet the real friend later; you feel silly for evening believing for one second that you fall for that unknown man; you’d even think that the person you waved for in the street doesn’t even look like your friend.

But you; you make me feel so beautiful inside; you push the envelop of how to get me happy. I can’t stop telling you all of my silly details about stupid horror movies I watch. I just want to tell you unexplained purses of funny jokes I just thought of to make you happy. You are the first thing I think of every morning and the last thing I think about before I sleep.

However, you’re there and here is here. He is refusing to leave my house after I kicked him out three weeks ago and you can’t come to visit.
Eff this eshh.


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