Why attacking Joe Malouf when you can attack the whole society?

I guess if you actually clicked on this link and came to my blog to read this article, you already know the drama surrounding the TV persona and his show, Enta Hurr, when he outed men who are engaging in sexual acts in a backstreet porn cinema, which lead to the arrest of 36 men over there; and forcing them to go through an anal test to know if they’re really gay-gay, or just gay.

However, I’m not gonna write about Joe Malouf because I honestly can’t care less for him, his show, his views and whatever he stands for.

I mean, who is Joe Malouf, really? Is Joe a God? Or does he work for morality police? Or is he by any chance free from all sins? I can’t recall, but I think Jesus lived over 2000 years ago. So, let’s keep Joe in his place, where he belongs, among other people like him, who sometimes make mistakes. And let’s stop trying to make it sound like he is a devil in the closet or an angel with fluffy wings.

I can’t care for his sexuality; and I’m not interested in outing him; simply because outing is an act that you do to someone that matters; and he simply don’t. I stand with outing when it comes to politicians standing in the way of gay marriage while sleeping with underage boys; or with rap singers going on and on about the “fags”. But a TV persona that the only thing that is interesting about him, for me personally, is his well rounded ass.

His mistake was to out these people in a scandalous matter to get attention to his show; rather than working on other issues in Lebanon that might be more relevant but less taboo.

I’m not interested in seeing how Joe is trying to fix this media suicide; his comments, and whereabouts, are completely  irrelevant. He made a mistake; and now 36 people are paying the price.
I’d say he deserve the shitstorm he is facing at the moment; and I’m not interested in his responses to it. I’ll sit happily in my house in Beirut, where there is no power, no proper elections, no basic human rights for maids (which are all worthy topics for TV shows), and eat popcorn while he tries to fix his image after this one.

However, the people I’m interested in; and honestly hoping that would read this post are the people who watched Joe Malouf; who called their sisters and brothers and gathered around a TV to see the report. I’m interested in the producers who worked with him on the report. I’m interested in the national moral of the people who found it so amusing to watch a program outing people who are talking about their private sexual life. They call gay people perverts for liking to have a consensual sex with one of the same gender; but how pervert is a society that pays attention to the deep secrets of these people? How sad it is to know that people watched that program, got attached to it; and government actually moved to “fix” the “wrongs” mentioned in it.

This is a scary thought.


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  1. danyy xdd
    Aug 02, 2012 @ 19:27:53

    Wow omg thats a 100 % TRUE


  2. LGBT For Life
    Aug 03, 2012 @ 10:31:53

    A message from MTV Lebanon’s Jyad Murr to the LGBT community

    This is shared unedited and as it was received by Mr. Jyad Murr on our Lebanese LGBT Media Monitor:

    “I would also like to share a discussion I had with a friend on a clip that mtv and all other channels passed long time ago: Hi … , I know that the clip is not nice and it passed long ago on mtv and all tv channels in Lebanon and the arab world and is not passing anymore, this is the case for any new clip for a known artist and this artist is popular and known. But there is a strange campaign of accusations just against mtv, as if mtv is homophobe or racist or whatever, and i’m sure you know that mtv is not. There is a campaign each week to discredit a successful tv station. They start digging examples from the past, once for an old comedy sketch a la cage des folles, or once for a hidden cam report done 3 month ago in Tripoli, etc.. Didn’t we do a hidden cam, on drugs, on Prisons, on prostitution etc etc.. We will keep on doing special reports like any good tv station in the world does. MTV in no way encourages discrimination –including discrimination due to sexual orientation. We regret that this debate has come into question. MTV condemns the actions of the police force and certainly endorses the call for the immediate and safe release of the remaining men being held in custody. Going back to the video clip in question, Just remember that the guy in this clip did a very controversial song before about “women to stay home and not work”, just to create controversy, and women laughed in his face, and even one of them did a clip against him to say that he is from the stone ages, but women in general didn’t start attacking us for discrimination… anyway, I hope that some of you will start realising that this is a campaign against mtv and stops helping the instigators spreading it”

    He adds in a second comment:

    “and with another friend: Hi … don’t want to keep answering or defending, I gave my point of view, but let’s stop the paranoia please, each time a word is used in a report doesn’t mean it is accusing a group of people, unless they are Paranoiac as I said. If you see a homosexual or a Heterosexual masturbating in a movie theatre, you would say “shefna Chazz” etc 🙂 so please stop this nonsense”


    • SamaSays
      Aug 03, 2012 @ 11:03:32

      I read this copy-paste statement somewhere else and I can’t say that I’m interested in replying to it with more than this: The damage caused by the acts of MTV is unforeseeable; 36 men had to be subject to anal testing because of it. I don’t think a comment that did not really care much to apologize and acknowledge these men; and promise drastic changes in the way this TV station is ruled is enough.


  3. Raed Mahmoud
    Aug 03, 2012 @ 12:21:00

    i’m just wondering how dare he speak after all the damage caused by this “commercial” TV station! and the funniest thing is the “JOE” himself! doesn’t he have a mirror?!
    this is not democracy or freedom to make “hidden cam report” to talk about people’s private sexual life! how pervert!
    * one more thing: Captain “MTV’s Murr”, don’t u ever dare to compare what “ur” Joe did, to hidden cam reports on drugs or prisons and prostitution! this is so sarcastic!


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