The Sad and Ugly Truth about MTV

For those who don’t know. MTV has been under public lashing for the last couple of days because Joe Malouf, a TV persona with a TV show ironically called Enta Hurr, reported on a porn cinema in Lebanon; which lead to the arrest of 36 MSM (men who have sex with men) in the cinema. I’m not saying the word gay, because simply I can’t assume that all these people identify themselves as gay men. But this is beside the point.

The men were subjected to a series of tests, among them is the infamous anal test; where a doctor, or so they call this human being, would insert a chicken egg up the anus of the man to figure out if that person has been sexually active in a homosexual practice or not.  Afterwards, some of the men were released, while others were kept in custody because the anal test proved that they are indeed a receiving party in a homosexual act.

Naturally, these details are disturbing on more than one level. Should we talk about the arrest that took place based on moral law rather than actual one? Or the inhuman tests these men were subjected to? Or the fact that they actually had to pay 88USD to the doctor to take the test that was inflected on them? or the fact that they were discriminated against not only in a sexual preference manner, but also on which side of the sexual act they identify with?

The event caused a serious damage to the image of MTV and the show Enta Hurr, where multiple newspapers and TV channels condemned the whole ordeal. Many individuals, both LGBT, or supporters, posted comments on their Facebook pages and on Twitter to condemn the channel.

Let’s study MTV Lebanon reactions to the campaign attacking in the last 24 hours, please.

Firstly, the admin of the page of Enta Hurr, releases a statement on Facebook saying  the following:

Because the TV Show “Enta Hurr” was still and will remain a platform for your free views, we would not, as the admin of the site and Facebook page of Enta Hurr, remove any of your ugly comments because we want to read what was expressed unjustly by your tongues. You attack a program that only intended to put its finger on the injured citizens and make room for each one of you to raises their voices against the injustice in this country.
As yet, the subject of your unjustified attack on the program “Enta Hurr” and Joe Maloof, we want to clarify the following points:
1 – We remind everyone that the program “Enta Hurr”  raised the Cinema Hamra in Tripoli story and the Cinema Salwa in Beirut because of what was going on inside its walls of screening of pornographic films and forbidden issues and to practice immoral acts such as prostitution and drug use on the seats, in the hallways and in bathrooms.
2 – We did not open any cinema’s file other than mentioned above.
3 – because “Enta Hurr” declared a war on prostitution and its locations deployed in Lebanon, it managed to reveal a center that is supposed to be reserved for massage and found out that it’s a place for prostitution, which, although it’s the oldest profession in the history has become the dirtiest profession in Lebanon because it transmits diseases transmitted through this practice. The government does not regulate this matter, and do not support procedures for medical examinations to ensure the safety of all who work in this industry.
4 – The program “Enta Hurr” condemns the decision of the police who subjected 36 people for the tests to prove gay anal sex because it is a clear violation of freedom of the individual.
5 – and quoting Joe Maloof, regarding the cinema files, “He is proud of it and will not apologize for it, because the breach of public morality is one thing, and sexual freedom is something else.”

To which I replied commenting on Facebook and saying:

wow. umm, just wow.
Thank you for keeping our ugly comments. That’s so nice of you. Yes, because giving us the right of free speech is something you, as a program, decide to and grace upon us, rather than it is a human right.
Secondly, the word “Shozoz” and “Lawat” was mentioned in the program; do you care to explain where does that fall in the “Da3ara” and “drug-use” you’re talking about.
Thirdly, how great of you not to open any other cinema’s files. Because, by god, we should be thankful for that. You’re saving us, oh, enta hurr lords. Thank you.
fourthly, What does sex workers has to do with gay people getting arrested? I’m not sure. Also, thank you for being so nice and say that you’re against the anal testing; but obviously not so much against the arrests.
Finally, I’m not going to be bothering with responding to the Joe Malouf comment. Let me just add : Shame on you, again and again.

However, my comment has been lost among tons of other comments suddenly appearing, and supporting the cause of Joe Malouf, the loved one of all ones; and the most amazing man on the planet. I thought that only dictatorships have trolls to post positive comments about them online; but it seems Joe Malouf is learning from the best.

My friend John Smith, reports about a video MTV released about the incident HERE . You should take a look at that too.


Finally, what I’d like to say is: this is not about Joe Malouf anymore, it’s about a TV channel that has no respect for human rights whatsoever. You’ll be judged on your ignorant, racist, homophobic and sexist work, MTV.

To know more about MTV and its abuse of human rights, please check this BLOG, which posts videos of the kind of videos MTV play to entertain; where women get beaten happily by men, maids die and their bosses laugh at them, homosexuals trying to get to prison so they can be rapped inside and other interesting videos.


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