Don’t let The Gays into my country!

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This will be my profile photo on Twitter and Facebook because:


I believe that all citizens should be treated equally regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression.


I am outraged by the arbitrary arrests in Dekwaneh on Apr 21st 2013 where a transwoman and 3 men were detained, and subjected to verbal, physical and sexual abuse, their nude photos were taken by cell phones and sent to the media. The Mayor was present through all that and he then confesses to his crimes on national TV. All this is documented. No investigations or disciplinary measures were taken against the mayor by authorities.


I am disturbed by what our Minister of Defence has just announced: “Lebanon is against perversion (his chosen term for homosexuality), which is considered a crime according to Lebanese law. I wonder, now that France allowed same-sex marriage would we allow them to enter our country”. How could I be more knowledgeable about our laws than our Defence Minister. Article 534 of the Lebanese Penal Code penalize any sexual act “against nature” by up to one year in prison and has been historically used to criminalize homosexuality. In 2009, a Lebanese judge in Batroun ruled against the use of article 534 to prosecute homosexuals. He clearly flaunts his ignorance when he questions whether Lebanon should allow The Gays to enter our holy nation, as if the door has been closed and the recent achievements in France on the human rights front will open that door!!! I stand speechless.


I am encouraged to speak out because I know how many want to and how little support they have to do so.


This is an adaptation of the Lebanese flag. The red says “7okouk” Arabic for “Rights”. I also like how the two red bars form an Equal sign. I wish they could have added to the flag what would represent the rights of womyn, foreign workers and refugees, all of whom are also at risk to suffer similar brutality in our rotten system.


I will keep this photo till May 17 2013: The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO)


I don’t want religion in my life, But …

I get email notifications of blogs I follows, yes, I’m that lame, I still use email notifications once in a while, and honestly, I find it cute to wake up to a new post by someone you care about, despite the fact that you never met them before. The Pink Agenda author, who is an interesting person, usually, with posts that are sometimes too personal for me to understand, wrote an hour ago this post: Is Islam Evil & Why Does Muhammad Look Mongolian?.

I read the post on my email, then gave it another read on his site, before I wrote him a comment. As a person who comes from a Muslim background, I felt like he sees Muslim people like this:


While, honestly speaking, Muslim people are more like this:


Yes. Muslims are a nation of family guys, with lots of misconceptions about the world, falling from the skies without parachutes and trying to enjoy it. Honestly speaking, they’re not all the bearded men you see on your TV waving guns and promising destruction on the safe families back in the States, and to steal your child’s lollipop while they are at it; those men exist, yet, they are a very small percentage of the Muslim community. I kid you not, I did not think that I’d ever write a post defending Islam, that religion basically was curl to my mother (and every woman I know), it was the reason why my father and I don’t see eye-to-eye on anything, especially that fact that I’m gay, and also the reason why I hated Fridays when I was young. You imagine to wear a dress-like thing called Abbayya and put a stupid hat on that mess up your hair and go to the mosque for two hours while some clerk is speaking in a sleepy voice. Yet, what religion is not exactly that, anyway? Isn’t Christianity all about Sunday Church and being anti-gay? Isn’t Judaism all about funny hats, hating on women and messed up hair?

Anyway, here is my comment on that article; I hope that it would open up a conversation here.

I was born to a Muslim father, and I know Quran by heart, and while I consider myself to have my own relation with whatever-higher-power-out-there, I still do not see Islam as a religion that calls for violence. The parts of Quran that you speak of, calling for Jihad, also comes with lots of undoubtable phrases that such Jihad should be done while not harming a woman, a child, an old man or even a tree. That Jihad should be done by the order of a reasoning leader, and done for the reason of spreading the word of Islam in other nations (which can be done by a TV channel nowadays, if someone is interested in such a matter) or to protect other Muslims around the world.
I don’t think that we should paint any violence done by any individual according to what religion they believe in. I know this will sound silly, but it’s like blaming McDonald’s for every fat man dying of a heart attack!
That said! I do not justify the Boston attack at all, and I consider it an act of terrorism: yet, the religion of the criminals who are behind it should not be an issue to discuss at all; they took their own sickness out on people, the religion was their justification. If they weren’t aware of Islam, they would be serial killers, or murderers, yet, they used Islam as a way to justify their hideous acts to themselves; and we should not encourage other people to use the fact that they were Muslims to also justify an attack on a certain religion; that’s sectarianism.

Finally, I don’t consider myself a Muslim, and I do believe that Islam has its faults and has its good sides, and I do believe that it’s faults are more than its good deeds, yet still, it’s a religion that is still developing itself, maybe in 600 years we would see an Islam that is closer to the current understandings of liberal Christians.

I, personally, do not need religion in my life, yet some people might need it; and there is no religion that is better than the other; there are religions that passed by the timeframe needed for it to be civilized, while others are still in the process.

Also, I leave you with this video, in part because it’s super funny, and also, because it somehow speaks about this kind of discrimination when the guy pretending to be Princess Jasmine speaks about her lost Aladdin, saying things like:

Hey, I’m OK, but I’m slightly scared. My husband’s a mark for the War on Terror. Aladdin was taken by the CIA. We’re not Taliban, you’ve got the wrong man in Guantanamo Bay. Prince Ali, where could he be, drowning in wawa! Interrogation from the nation of the “free”! Bin Laden’s taken the fall, We’re not trained pilots at all, Jafar went crazy and no one put up a fuss. We’re for freedom, Genie can vouch for us.
Bush was crazy, Obama’s lazy, al-Qaeda’s not in this country!! Set free my Prince Ali!!!

Born to Become ..

Yeah, You could be the greatest
You can be the best
You can be the king kong banging on your chest

You could beat the world
You could beat the war
You could talk to God, go banging on his door

Hall of Fame – The Script Feat. Will.I.Am 

I’m a true seeker; of what, I’m yet to know. Lost in this wonderland of Beirut, trying to gather the pieces of my own dreams again after what might have been the longest run in my life without a dream. I have been always searching for an independent, colorful path in my life; a story to be told through me. Sometimes I find it, others, I’m lost in the colors and the comfort of my existence, I let go of the fight for commonness; a home, a money-earning job, a dull easy life that I’d enjoy, but it will vanish one day; leaving no mark on the face of Earth as it disappears in the abyss of people’s minds; slowly, yet surely, I’d be forgotten, gone, my name, which I shared with seven grandfathers before me, will be given to someone else, and my grave will be reopened to welcome new comers as time welcomes its best friend and house cleaner, death, to the lives of the unaware people. 

Death has encountered me in many ways; left me wondering, who will remember me after I die, and I wanted to be remembered; not even in the same way I remember people I loved; I wanted to leave a mark big enough to change lives of those around me for ever; to have an impact on the world in ways no one ever before me did. 

This is a cheerful post, by the way, as death for me is not a sad end to my life, but rather a well-calculated result to the lifespan of average human beings with the outcome of the enigma of knowing that not even one percent of these people will have a bigger impact than being another face in the crowd. 

Being gay poses the question as well of family, which comes, naturally, with children, and being an Arab person living in Lebanon, without the privilege of a foreign passport, means that adopting is almost out of the question; I might, or rather I’d probably, become another childless old man, fighting with my partner in life about whose cane is that and if I remembered to pay the home nurse or not. So, the fantasy of becoming a grandfather one day, where I get all the fun with the children, while my children have to deal with their mess, is most probably calculated out of the math game that is my life.

Furthermore, I don’t want to be only remembered by my children for having children. I want to matter, to stand there and talk about my life and consider myself lucky I lived it. I want to become … 

… yet, still I’m not sure to become what exactly. 

I released couple of books before, short novellas and that like, in Egypt before, made a mediocre name for myself in the cultural scene there. I attended couple of workshops about sexuality in Turkey, and wanted to bring gay rights to Syria, which failed miserably, well, given the situation. I worked, for years, as a journalist, and reached as high as working for one of the biggest names in press worldwide. 

If no one challenged the status quota of their own existence  what is left of them anyways? The remaining of their human spirits, roaming around their skeletons as they decompose into nothingness? hovering around the souls of the living, screaming, hoping that someone would hear their ghostly voices. Yet, no one can; they did not make much in the world for the world itself to remember them. 


She is up there, the eyes of the world on her. She paid sweat and blood to reach this height.

I was a fitness instructor, an actor in an independent movie, a singer in a choir, a movie critic, a gay-rights activist, a social media expert, and best and For most, I was a writer. 

Yet, I don’t feel complete yet, I don’t feel that I accomplished what I want to accomplish, which, as I stated before, is something that I’m  not even sure what it is. I am a magnet for all kinds of deeper wonderment, I am a wunderkind, I’m a pioneer naive enough to believe this, I am a prince in my way to my throne, destined to seek, destined to know. 

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